Accident Claims Web – Our First Website Sponsor Announced for 2016 Forum and Blog

As previously mentioned on the blog we are open to allowing sponsorship opportunities for the Busan HL4 website. You can read more about that here should you run an accident claims company, or work as a personal injury lawyer or solicitor anywhere globally. We welcome all applications.

accident-claims-web-logoOur first website sponsor for 2016 is a UK-based accident claims website called The Accident Claims Web run and managed by a gentleman called Hugh Rollinson.

As part of the sponsorship agreement we permit any business, individual, charity, or company to have a dedicated space on our blog and website which details an overview of them including an introduction to the services that they offer.

What follows is third party content supplied by Hugh regarding The Accident Claims Web. If you would also like an opportunity like this then please contact us.

Introduction to the Company

We are a website that was established in 2015 as part of the Accident Claimline, a fully regulated and reputable accident claims management company based in the UK.

Our website includes an easy to use form and freephone number.
Our website includes an easy to use form and freephone number.

We specialise in helping people who live and work all around the UK, including England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland in making personal injury claims for compensation.

How the Accident Advice Helpline Works

Our premise is very simple. If you believe that you have been hurt due to an accident that was not your fault, and believe you could be due compensation, then you call our helpline and one of our advisors will take you through a quick question and answer session over the telephone to validate your claim. If we believe you are eligible to make an accident claim, then we will appoint you with a personal injury solicitor as local to you as we possibly can.

Your personal injury solicitor will then represent you to the best of their ability from start to finish, and in most cases you won’t even need to attend court. Most claims are settled outside of court within a few months.

Your solicitor will tell you each and every step of the way exactly what is happening and how your accident claim compensation case is progressing. You can read more about the claim types we deal with below.

Accidents at Work

Work accident claims are amongst the most common types that we deal with. Other than the home, your workplace is the place that you spend the most time, and so it stands to reason that accidents can happen on premises or whilst working.

What we find with work accident claims is that many people and employees can be quite reticent about claiming for compensation or bringing legal action against their employer or boss. This is completely understandable as most people want to protect their job, livelihood, and income.

However, you need to be aware that the UK legislation and law is there to protect you against accidents at work. Anyone who decides to make an accident claim case against their employer isn’t actually going to be seeking compensation from the company.

How it works is that all businesses and companies in the UK will be protected by insurance policies which mean that any compensation will be paid for by an insurance company. In fact, it’s far more common than you would think and we handle hundreds of cases of this type each year.

We always tell any callers that they should not have to worry about bringing a claim because they won’t be taking money from the pocket of their boss. So if you have been hurt or injured at work and would like to explore your options about making a personal injury claim then please call us today.

Not only that though. Many employees might be concerned that their employer could discriminate against them if they have decided to pursue legal action over accident claims. There is additional UK law and legislation that also protects against workplace discrimination by employers against employees in cases such as this so that’s another aspect that should put your mind at rest should you be at all concerned in using our professional and expert services.

Car Accident Claims and Crashes

Unfortunately another common type of enquiry that our specialist team deal with concern car crashes and collusions. In many cases you will swap insurance details and let your insurance company deal with any fall-out after an accident – visit our website for information on car crash claims.

Be Wary of Insurance Company Payouts

But you might not realise that the insurance companies are experts at paying out the least possible when it comes to compensation. With our help we can fight for your rights to get as much personal injury compensation as possible after a car accident – even if you believe it might have been your fault.

Our personal injury solicitors will seek the following types of damages:

  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Compensation for loss of wages and time off work
  • Compensation for any psychological damages
  • Repairs or replacement vehicles costs
  • Any other associated costs
  • Legal costs and reimbursements
  • Private medical care and treatment where needed

Brain Injuries and Serious Head Injuries

We are also specialists in very serious injuries, such as brain injury claims, and other serious types such as back, head, and spinal cases. When it comes to accident and injury claims such as these it’s imperative that you seek the advice of a firm of solicitors who specialise in cases such as this.

For example, if you had hurt your knee and needed an operation, you would not call a chiropodist. Instead you want the services of a specially trained knee surgeon. Making decisions when it comes to legal representation should really be no different, and we have a large roster or specialist brain injury lawyers and head injury specialist solicitors who are ready and waiting to represent you and your family.

We know how stressful and worrying it can be for the families of head injuries, in particular those affected with brain injuries, and have a sympathetic and understanding approach to cases such as these where our team are specially trained to ask the right questions and get the right personal injury solicitors firm to work on your case.

Help Also for Pedestrian and Cyclists

It’s not just drivers that we can offer legal support too though. We are also massive advocates of making sure that pedestrians and cyclists also get the help that they need and deserve after an injury.

We have sections on our website dedicated to cycling accident claims and those involving road traffic accidents involving pedestrians. That could include a slip, trip, or fall, or even being knocked over by a car. Whatever your circumstances make sure you call us to discuss your own individual case so we can properly advise you.

We are so happy to be involved with this sponsorship opportunity and one of our representatives might end up meeting some of you at the 2016 forum and conference. If you would like to write to or call us then our contact information is below – and as said we are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year – even on public holidays such as Christmas time.

Address Details

The Accident Claims Web
Liberty House, 222 Regent Street

Telephone: Liberty House,
222 Regent Street
Greater London
United Kingdom

Telephone: 020 3131 2268