We Hope to Run Awareness Campaigns in The Wall Street Journal

We are pleased to announce that we are going to be seeking coverage for our 2018 event in The Wall Street Journal. As one of the largest news publications in the world, and in particular North America, we are hoping that this will give us an unprecedented level of coverage for any forth-coming event.

We are currently looking to engage in advertising and sponsorship opportunities in the daily and weekend editions, which we hope will give us an even further reach into the accident claims injury – as well as letting us increase exposure of our own members who are looking to gain new clients across the United States.

The advertising options we are looking at won’t be live until early 2018 so we would encourage any of our members who don’t currently subscribe to The Wall Street Journal to do so very soon (we are sure that most of you do already though!). We’ve found a Facebook page that offers Wall Street Journal Subscriptions Discounts and specials where if required you can get a discount code or subscription deal.

Please keep your eyes on the website for upcoming information on our 2018 event and what you can expect to receive should you wish to attend. As before with our 2016 event, we hope to have a fully-packed 2 day agenda, including lunch and amazing speakers from all corners and regions in the United States.

Meanwhile, if you need a blast from the past, most of you should be old enough to remember this old Wall Street Journal ad that ran on national TV. Watch is below, amazing how the world has changed around us so quickly.