Different Accomodation Choices for the Accident Claims Summit

We have recommended some accommodation for those coming to Busan. If you would rather make more of your trip though and see more of what Texas has to offer then you can also see some featured hotels on this video. If the interest is there we will see if we can get any preferential rates for any accident claims lawyers coming to the 2016 summit so please complete your application form as quickly as you can and return by email.

Do You Have Any Changes You Would Like to Make to Accident Claims Law?

In advance of our sping meeting at the Busan Way premises in Texas, we are asking personal injury lawyers and claims specialists if they have any subjects, topics, or matters that they would like to add to the table.

Our group will be discussing potential change to accident claims law and how that could affect the industry, so are looking for people to get involved, contribute,and potentially even offer their services to take seminars and presentations.

In the next few weeks we will be posting information on how accident claims companies in the UK and United States can sponsor the website and our forthcoming events since our website launch this month.

Welcome to the Busan HL-4 Website and Blog

Hello and welcome to the Busan HL-4 blog and website. Over the coming months we will be posting news and views on a variety of items including accident claims law, world politics, the law and legal matters, plus anything else that we believe is critical to making the world a much better place.

We meet once a year as a team of personal injury lawyers and accident claims specialists, where we discuss the industry, and how we can help contribute to make people’s lives better – for us it’s not just about making money, but also working for the greater good.

We are currently looking for co-authors and other people to be involved with the project, so if you believe that you have something to offer us and can pitch in with the projects we would love to hear from you.