The Way That Insurance Companies Handle Accident Claims Should Change

One of the main topics of conversation at the 2016 forum will be how accident claims are handled by insurance companies. An insurance company will typically require information regarding the accident claim in order to assess and pay for the claim.

In most cases, accident claims information is delivered by the reporting plaintiff or the policyholder. Such information is helpful for investigation and evaluation of a loss – but in some cases this information can be fraudulent hence why we believe it should be discussed at the next forum in order to protect our own industry.

The two primary types of accident claim, property damage and personal injury, require an adjustment insurer to probe into the loss of detail and develop a resolution. But in some cases this won’t be done thoroughly – we see this a lot with car accident compensation when an auto accident policyholder can file a collision claim sometimes without enough mitigating information or evidence.


Recent Accident Claims News

There has been a lot of recent news about this which you can view below:

What we believe is that where the policyholder describes how the injury occurred and who was involved, the insurance company needs to gather a lot more information such as the year, make, and model of the vehicle along with the vehicle identification number.

The insurance company will also ask if the police were called to the scene, a police report was taken, and whether any witnesses were present. If the vehicle can be driven, the insurance company can provide business area repair take the vehicle for a quote. If the vehicle is towed insurance company will send an adjustment to the workshop to determine if the vehicle can be repaired.

After completing the assessment, the insurance company pays the insured for the amount of the damages is subject to a deductible.

As the law currently stands there are many cases where this information isn’t properly investigated, and there have been a lot of fraudulent accident claims made in 2015 and that’s set to rise in the 2016 calendar year we believe.

An applicant may submit an application for injury, also called a claim for pain and suffering, with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. In addition to many of the details asked during a collision claims the insurance company will also ask for some accident claim information in relation to how the injury occurred, and details of the damage.

Other requests for accident claim information is the applicant’s age, which the applicant is medically treated, and whether the plaintiff’s injury occurred in the past. An adjustment has been assigned to handle the investigation and assessment of the claim for pain and suffering.

Information on Fire Based Accident Claims

Fire Damage in New York 1800s
Fire Damage in New York 1800s

When a fire breaks out, files policyholder claims for damage to homes or commercial buildings and personal content. The insurance company will ask the insured for accident claim information in relation to how the fire started, if possible, and which parts of the structure and contents were damaged. If greater damage occurs to a personal residence, the insurance company will work with the policyholder to find alternative accommodation in the interim.

As for a commercial loss, the business area will assist the insurance company to prepare a complaint under business interruption coverage. Once the initial information is reported, an adjustment is sent to the loss was to prepare a calculation of damages for the structure and content.

Other accident claim information requested from the policyholder includes finding a contractor to repair the structure and establish a timetable for repairs. When the calculations are complete, the insurance company to pay the debts per the purchased insurance, by either replacement cost or actual cash value, subject to a deductible.

What About Water Damage?

When water damage occurs, the policyholder files claim for damages to the home and for damages to personal content. The insurance company will ask the insured for accident claim information associated with the water damage occurred. If, for example, performs a plumber repairing some pipes burst causing a flood insurance company will request information in relation to the plumber background and the type of work performed.

Additionally, an adjustment will be sent to inspect the damage and the draft estimates of repairs. The insurance company will pay debt per the purchased insurance, by either replacement cost or actual cash value, subject to a deductible.

Slips, Trips and Falls Personal Injury Cases

When someone slips and falls on the premises of a policyholder’s property causes injury, the plaintiff files a claim with the policyholder’s insurance company for a claim for pain and suffering. The insurance company will interview applicants to find out the details accident claim even where the incident occurred, how the accident occurred, and if there were any conditions released to the public on notice of the condition that caused the accident.

If an incident report was made, the report provides important accident claim. The insurance company may retain an investigator to inspect the premises of any dangerous conditions and make recommendations for risk management purposes.